In the past year we experienced too many clients lose precious jewelry due to loss, theft, and damage. These Clients were not properly covered by their insurance company.

It is our MISSION this year to make sure all of our clients have appraisals on their precious jewelry and that they are educated on the IMPORTANCE of having their items insured properly.

Our certified expert gemologist will be on site Saturday June 23rd to evaluate a replacement value for your precious jewelry..

What is an appraisal?

An authentic document written up by an expert that breaks down the specifications of a single piece of jewelry and declares a replacement value.

Why should you have your jewelry appraised?

Your official document can be submitted to your insurance company so you are properly covered in an event of loss, theft, and major damage.

How often should you have your jewelry appraised?

Every 5 years. With the price of gold and diamonds constantly changing you need to make sure you are properly covered.

How much does it cost?

$75 for the first item and $65 for every item after. $250 per hour for a collective value on estate jewelry.

When should you book your appointment?

NOW! Time is limited and spots are filling up quickly! Call now to make your appointment! 630-775-9000

Our vision is to create an image that resonates fine quality and value
while maintaining a sense of intimacy and personal care with each client.

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