Diamond Buyback Program


The International Institute of Diamond Valuation (IIDV) – part of the De Beers Group, the world’s leading diamond company – has partnered with Ancona Jewelers to provide a reputable, no-cost, secure and competitive valuation process to purchase any diamond jewelry you wish to re-sell.

4 Easy Steps

Visit Ancona Jewelers
Expert Identification Process
at IIDV Headquarters
Easy & Free Valuation
Immediate Payment

Offers are made on all diamond jewelry pieces that contain at least one natural, untreated diamond, no matter the shape, size or color.


When we make an offer for your diamond jewelry, the offer includes the diamond(s) as well as any other gemstones and metal that your piece may contain: we make an offer for the whole piece.

Your diamond jewelry will be sent to IIDV’s laboratory in New York City where IIDV (a De Beers Group-backed service) conducts an expert 9-step valuation using industry-leading technologies.


Based on their evaluations, IIDV provides a Market Price Quote, which is then communicated to you through Ancona Jewelers.


To learn more, please contact us at (630)-775-9000.

We Buy Gold


For any jewelry that does not contain at lease one natural diamond, we also offer free quotes in-store. This includes all pieces made with gold or platinum, gemstones, broken, worn, new, any condition, any style we will make an offer on it. Get your free quote and immediate payment today!

4 Easy Steps

Test for Purity
Easy & Free Valuation
Immediate Payment

Turn Your Gold Into Cash