Do you have that feeling that your partner might be getting ready to propose? Maybe they have started asking about your jewelry or have shown a particular interest in your rings. Most partners won’t directly ask you what type of ring you want but there are certainly ways to get the message across without telling them specifics. Hinting at what engagement ring you want is one way to make sure you get a ring that isn’t only emotional but that you love to look at every day, and it can easily be done if you follow our suggestions!  

Make A Pinterest Board

One of the easiest ways to hint at specific rings you like is to head over to Pinterest and make a Pinterest board. You can even mention something subtle for your partner to let them know you have a board created with all of your favorite rings. Getting together as many examples of your favorite styles together in one place will make it all the more easy for your partner to know what to propose with.

Point Out Rings While Watching TV

Netflix can be another great way to drop a hint, while you and your partner hang out together while watching the latest series or movies. Keep a lookout for rings you like that someone on screen is wearing & comment on how much you like it to your partner. They might pretend like they are not listening but surely they are taking in all of the details, so be sure to tell them why you like it and what your favorite parts of the ring are!

Tell Your Friend

You can always count on a good friend to know all of your favorite engagement ring designs. Make it a day & stop in to Ancona Jewelers to try on styles together! Make sure that you communicate with them about what types of rings are your favorite so that your friend can let your partner know. Your friend can even be your secret source and ask you questions that your partner has about the ring to make sure you get one that you really like. 

Pick A Ring And Send Them A Picture

If you have a very specific ring in mind, you might want to consider sending a picture of it to your partner. There is nothing wrong with giving them the details of exactly what you expect. Your partner might appreciate being with someone who makes the process a little easier for them.

Getting an engagement ring is not only about a specific ring, but also the feeling that comes with it. Your partner will put in plenty of effort and you will love it no matter what, but a little hint about your preferences never hurt anyone!

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