5: Get her opinion:
It is 2016 ladies and gentlemen! Ask your significate other what they want! What shape diamond, what metal they prefer.. Either way it will still be a surprise!

4: Judge a diamond using your eyes:
You do not need a loop or a microscope to look at the beauty of a diamond. All you need is your eyes. Check out the performance of your diamond selection. See how the light captures each facet that makes the diamond sparkle. Believe what you see.

3: Buy the Diamond NOT the Certificate!
Do not be fooled by what a diamond certificate may say. Remember, that piece of paper is just someone’s opinion. What you see may not be what it says.

2: Shop with Confidence:
It is OK to do a LITTLE research before purchasing a diamond. Ask friends where they purchased their jewelry, How was their experiences? Referrals are the biggest compliment one can give.

We cannot stress this enough!!! Trust your jeweler. They are the expert! Buy from someone you can count on and is accountable.  Meeting your “guy” in a parking lot or in a local chain café because you’re getting a “Great Deal” may not always be that great! Once you trust your jeweler, they will be your jeweler for life! You will not need to sweat the small stuff. Your Jeweler will be there to help you celebrate all life’s most precious memories.

Our vision is to create an image that resonates fine quality and value
while maintaining a sense of intimacy and personal care with each client.

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