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Forevermark® is a diamond brand from the De Beers group of companies. Forevermark® diamonds are the world's most carefully selected diamonds™.

The Forevermark® Promise

Each Forevermark® diamond comes with a promise that is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Proof of this promise lies at the heart of every diamond: a unique inscription, invisible to the naked eye. Less than one percent of the world's diamonds are eligible to be inscribed as Forevermark®.

Forevermark Three Stone Ring FM17942-W

Price: $4200.00

Product Number:FM17942-W
Center Diamond Setting: Prong
Center Diamond Shape: Round
Center Diamonds Total Weight: 0.76cts
Metal Type: 18k white gold
Product Type: Anniversary Ring
Ring Style: Center of My Universe
Side Diamond Setting: Pave
Side Diamond Shape: Round
Side Diamond Total Weight: 0.44cts
Side Stones Continuity: 1/2 way
Stone Type: Forevermark Diamond
Total diamond Weight of Ring: 1.20cts

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Forevermark's® The Pursuit of Absolute Beauty™

Every diamond is a unique miracle of nature, so there are almost as many ways to describe a diamond as there are diamonds. To standardize descriptions of every diamond’s characteristics, a language known as the 4Cs was developed.

Each of the 4Cs describes a diamond’s specific characteristics - its cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. These characteristics can be helpful when learning about diamonds, but they are only four of the many criteria that can be used to evaluate a diamond. As a result, two diamonds with the same 4Cs criteria may be very different.

To choose a truly beautiful diamond, greater attention and parameters are required. Forevermark® looks far beyond the 4Cs, meticulously assessing each diamond to ensure it meets our elevated standards. The key to meticulous selection includes analyzing the symmetry of the girdle, the polish of the table and each facet, and the point of each culet.

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